Jury Finds Louisville Police SWAT Members Not Entitled to On-Call Pay

A jury has found members of the Louisville Metro Police Department’s SWAT team are not entitled to back-pay and overtime pay for hours spent on-call. In 2016, a total of 46 current and formers SWAT members filed this lawsuit alleging the department’s on-call policies for SWAT team members was unreasonably restrictive and as such should be compensated. According to the officers SWAT team members are on-call for a month at a time every other month. During the month that SWAT members were on-call they couldn’t consume alcohol, leave the county, and were required to respond to work within 45 minutes of receiving a call-back. Click here, for more on the verdict from WFPL news.

Here is more on the story from FirefighterOvertime.org.

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