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There is no other industry or profession more impacted by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) than firefighters and other emergency responders. Firefighters and other first responders are subject to countless exceptions, exemptions, and exclusions from the general rule… If you work more than 40 hours in seven days, you receive overtime…

My first real introduction to the FLSA was in constitutional law class. Sure, I was a firefighter for almost ten years at that time yet I had never looked to the FLSA as anything more than a law that required overtime for hours worked over forty and a basic minimum wage. I worked an average of 42 hours per week and I never received any overtime for those 2 extra hours, but firefighters must be exempt… Right?

That was my thought process at the time. How incredibly naïve of me!

FireFighterOvertime.org is a platform dedicated to providing insight and knowledge not only for firefighters and other first responders but for human resource and finance professionals for all things related to the FLSA.

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