NYC Settles FLSA Lawsuit with Four FDNY Motor Vehicle Operators for more than $400K

The City of New York has agreed to pay four current and former FDNY Motor Vehicle Operators (MVOs) and their attorneys a total of $429,901.18 to settle an unpaid overtime lawsuit. The MVOs, filed the lawsuit in June 2019, alleging the city failed to pay them for required pre-and-post shift activities (i.e., off-the-clock work), time spent working during unpaid meal breaks, and failing to include certain wage augments in the MVO’s regular and overtime pay rates. Here is more on the initial lawsuit as found on just over two years ago.

The settlement requires the city pay a total of $429,901.18 to resolve all claims associated with the lawsuit. Specifically, the four plaintiffs will receive a total of $74,404.39 as back wages and an additional $66,963.95 in liquidated damages. As is common in FLSA litigation, the settlement includes a sizable allocation for the plaintiffs’ attorney(s) fees. In total, the plaintiffs’ attorneys received $288,532.84 in fees and reimbursable expenses related to the lawsuit.  

Here is a copy of the final settlement documents.

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