Maryland Fire Investigators and County Settle FLSA Lawsuit

A group of fire investigators from the Prince George’s County Fire Department have settled an overtime lawsuit they filed last summer. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court on June 18, 2020, on behalf of fourteen county fire investigators, alleged the county’s pay practices violated the FLSA. Specifically, the investigators claimed the county improperly classified them as §207(k) firefighters. Here is more on the investigators’ initial allegations, including a copy of the complaint.

Terms of the settlement, which were finalized late last month, require the county pay a total of $177,889.52 to the investigators and their attorneys. Of the total settlement, $60,467.08 is apportioned to back wages, $64,922.44 is apportioned to liquidated damages, and $52,500 for the investigators’ attorneys’ fees and expenses. Here are copies of the joint settlement motion and the court’s order approving the settlement.

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