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GA Battalion Chiefs File FLSA Lawsuit

Ten Cobb County, Georgia battalion chiefs have filed a federal lawsuit alleging the county has failed to pay them overtime as required by federal law. More specifically, the battalion chiefs claim the county misclassified them as overtime exempt “white collar” employees in violation of the FLSA. Quoting from the complaint: Within the last three years, and continuing to date, while ...

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Former Arkansas Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher Files FLSA Lawsuit Alleging Misclassification, Uncompensated Pre-and-Post Shift Activities, and Comp Time Violations

Cayla Jackson, a former dispatcher and jailer for the Prairie County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department has filed a lawsuit against her former employer for multiple violations of both the FLSA and the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act. Jackson further claims that many other county dispatchers and jailers are not receiving overtime or straight time pay as required by both federal and state ...

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FLSA Retaliation and Overtime Suit Filed by Oklahoma Fire Marshal Will Continue

An FLSA retaliation and unpaid overtime lawsuit filed by an Oklahoma fire marshal will continue following a decision last week by Chief Judge John E. Dowdell of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma. Judge Dowdell denied attempts by both the City of Sand Springs, Oklahoma (the defendant) and Fire Marshal Stan Smith (the plaintiff) to end ...

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