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PA City Privatizes Fire Department Due to Excessive Overtime

The City of Carbondale, Pennsylvania’s City Council voted to privatize its paid firefighting force by a 5-2 vote late last week. The Carbondale Fire Department is a combination department operating with a small number of paid firefighters augmented by volunteers. According to ABC News Channel 16 [WNEP] the department’s paid staff has dwindled to only four firefighters. As a result, ...

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Lockheed Martin Settles 2022 FLSA Lawsuit with Firefighters for Close to $1 Million

Lockheed Martin [a global aerospace and defense contractor] has settled a 2022 FLSA lawsuit filed by a group of forty-nine industrial firefighters for a total of $949,996. The crux of the firefighter’s claims was that Lockheed Martin only paid its in-house firefighters’ overtime after they worked more than 48 hours per week. The FLSA requires non-public agency fire departments, pay ...

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Lockheed Martin Corp. Facing FLSA Lawsuit from Firefighters

A group of four in-house firefighters that work for Lockheed Martin Corp.’s aircraft plant in Marietta, Georgia recently filed a lawsuit against the corporation alleging the company fails to pay overtime as required by federal law. The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on April 6, contains allegations that the defense ...

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