Delaware Representative Wants Mandatory Overtime Included in Firefighter and Police Pension Calculations

Delaware State Representative Cyndie Romer has introduced legislation that would include some overtime pay in local police and firefighter pension calculations. House Bill 266 – AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 11 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL POLICE/FIREFIGHTER PENSION PLAN was introduced by Representative Romer earlier this month in the Delaware General Assembly. The bill would make wages earned as a “result of required additional work hours” [i.e., mandatory overtime] includable in pension calculations for local police officers and firefighters. Wages earned from overtime that is not “required” will continue to be excluded from pension calculations.

According to Delaware Public Media, the proposed legislation is in response to overall workforce shortages that are impacting Delaware municipalities statewide. According to Rep. Romer, the inclusion of mandatory overtime wages in police and firefighter pensions is an is an effort to “ensure police officers and firefighters are being fairly compensated for their hours worked.” If the bill makes it through the legislative process it will apply to all municipal and county pension plans, but not the Delaware State Police. 

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Here is a copy of the proposed House Bill 266:

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