Settlement reached in Wisconsin EMS Overtime Lawsuit

A lawsuit initially filed by only two Wisconsin paramedics in June 2018 has resulted in a settlement. The defendants in the suit—the Great Divide Ambulance Company and four different Wisconsin Townships—have agreed to pay twelve EMTs and medics a total of $255,000 to settle all overtime claims related to the suit. For more on the initial lawsuit:

The details of the settlement are as follows:

  • A total of $255,000 has been allocated to settle all overtime claims related to the lawsuit.
  • Approximately $63,000 (or 25 percent) of the settlement is allocated for the plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees.
  • The parties estimate the plaintiffs could have received as much as $300,000 if their claims were ultimately proven at trial.
  • The settlement, minus attorney’s fees will be split between the twelve plaintiffs on a pro-rata basis.
  • The settlement amounts per plaintiff range from a low of $216.54 to a high of $48,124.64 depending on the number of hours worked.

Here is a copy of the approved settlement order:

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