FirefighterOvertime Update – Police officers settle OT dispute with City of Richmond, VA

The City of Richmond, Virginia, has agreed to pay approximately $50,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by four police officers regarding unpaid overtime. The lawsuit, which was filed in August of 2017, claimed the city failed to pay overtime to officers assigned to the former mayor’s private security detail. The officers claimed the city unilaterally stopped paying overtime for hours the officers worked protecting the mayor following political pressure from members of the city council and political opponents of the former mayor. Here is more on that story from from this past August.

The terms of the settlement call for the four officers to receive a total of $27,000, plus another $23,250 in legal fees for the officers’ attorneys. The suit could have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars if the officers’ claims were proven true.

Here is more on the story from the Richmond Free Press.

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