South Carolina fire department still searching for ways to reduce mandatory overtime – FireFighterOvertime.Org – Follow-Up

Horry County Fire Rescue wants to hire at least 15 new part-time firefighters. The part-time firefighters would be utilized as “fill-ins” for full-time firefighters in an effort to reduce mandatory overtime in the department.

Mandatory overtime is not a new problem for Horry County Fire Rescue. Here is a story from this past summer that first detailed the County’s mandatory overtime problems.

South Carolina Fire Department Struggles with Mandatory Overtime

In fact, there has been an ongoing firefighter shortage in Horry County since at least 2015. Overtime costs for the department have increased to more than $2.5 million per year.

County fire officials are hopeful that hiring 15 part-time firefighters will save taxpayers money while alleviating the firefighter shortage. The plan calls for part-time firefighters to work one 24-hour shift per week. The part-time firefighters would be paid between $12.50 and $15.00 per hour. This isn’t the first time Horry County Fire has looked to part-time firefighters. The county tried hiring part-time firefighters in 2014 but could not fill the positions.

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