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Comp-Time Payments, Base Hourly Rate, and the FLSA

Today’s FLSA Question: I am a full-time firefighter in a small combination fire department. My department has a long history of providing FLSA comp time instead of paying FLSA overtime. However, the department uses the firefighter’s base hourly rate when using accrued comp time. This base rate does not include any wage incentives or stipends. Additionally, the fire department allows ...

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More Litigation in Morgantown

Lawyers representing almost one-hundred Morgantown, West Virginia firefighters and police officers filed four separate lawsuits against the city this past week. In addition to the lawsuits, the unions that represent the city’s police officers and firefighters also announced “no-confidence” votes in the city council, city manager, and human resources director. The firefighters and police officers claim that recent reductions in ...

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Court Finds for KC Firefighters in FLSA Regular Rate Lawsuit

A United States Magistrate Judge has ruled in the favor of more than 450 Kansas City, Missouri firefighters following their FLSA lawsuit against the city. In a 2019 lawsuit, Kansas City firefighters claimed the city failed to include a wide range of wage augments in their overtime rate of pay. The FLSA requires “all remuneration for employment paid to, or ...

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