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NC Paramedic Files FLSA Overtime Lawsuit Against County

A Wake County, North Carolina paramedic has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the county’s time tracking system fails to pay paramedics overtime as required by the FLSA. Paramedic Steven Gorrell filed this lawsuit, on behalf of himself and other similarly situated individuals, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina on March 16, 2021. [As a ...

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Quarterly Overtime Payments and the FLSA

Today’s FLSA Question: I am a full-time paid firefighter working for a small fire department with 13 full-time firefighters. We work 24 hours on duty, followed by a 48 hours off-duty for an average of 56 hours per week. My department has a strange way of paying overtime. Instead of paying firefighters for overtime worked in a regular bi-weekly paycheck; ...

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VA Medics File Overtime Lawsuit

A group of fourteen paramedics filed a federal lawsuit last week alleging their employer, the City of Portsmouth Virginia, Fire Rescue and Emergency Services Department failed to pay them overtime as required by both the FLSA and Virginia law. According to the complaint, the medics work on a 14-day rotating schedule consisting of three 12-hour work shifts during the first ...

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