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Firefighters, Two Rates of Pay, and the FLSA

Today’s FLSA Question: I am the payroll/HR manager for a fire department. Our department offers first aid and CPR classes for residents of the community. We offer the classes a couple of times per year. Firefighters that are certified CPR and first aid instructors teach the classes during off-duty hours. However, since most of the firefighters make different hourly rates, ...

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Colorado Fire Department Struggles to Provide Enhanced EMS Services to Community Within Existing Overtime Budget

Union officials in Pueblo City, Colorado are sounding the alarm over the city’s decision to temporarily close engine companies while firefighters assigned to those rigs attend paramedic school. According to KOAA, News channel 5, nine city firefighters are currently attending paramedic school during their normally assigned work shifts. The department has structured the training so that only one engine company, ...

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Conferences, Classes, and the FLSA

Today’s FLSA Question I am a fire chief of a small combination department. Two of my officers want to attend the FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) this year in Indianapolis. It is a great conference—I wish I could join them. I am more than happy to sponsor them, pay any fees associated with attendance, and give them time off to ...

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