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Calculating a Firefighter’s Regular Rate from a Salary

Today’s FLSA Question: I am a full-time paid firefighter that works a 56-hour average workweek utilizing a 48/96 schedule. My department calculates my regular rate and overtime rate by taking my annual salary, including stipends and longevity, and dividing that by 2,912. According to human resources, that is the proper method since that is the number of hours that our ...

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Firefighters, Mandatory COVID-19 Testing & the FLSA

This is the second of several posts dedicated to answering questions asked by attendees at the recent FLSA for Fire Departments live webinar. If you have questions like this, please consider attending the next live webinar in February 2021. FLSA Question: We require mandatory weekly COVID tests for all of our firefighters. We pay off-duty firefighters four hours of overtime ...

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Employer Sponsored Life Insurance, the Regular Rate, and the FLSA

Today’s FLSA Question: I am a career firefighter. The city provides a $90,000 life insurance policy for all firefighters. I noticed the city included a portion of the cost of the insurance policy as taxable income in my last paycheck of 2019. I asked our finance department for an explanation. I was told the IRS requires some fringe benefits, like ...

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